No Sesame Oil Close at Hand? Try Nanoil Argan Oil for Hair, Skin and Fingernails

Many women regard hair, skin and fingernail care absolutely crucial. In order to take care of your body in a comprehensive way, it’s a good idea to make use of vegetable oils. One of them – which is worth your attention – is Nanoil Argan Oil. Why is it recognized by many people as superior to sesame oil? Let’s focus on its beauty benefits and chemical constituents to understand how powerful argan oil is.

Duel: Sesame oil and Argan oil

If we want to define which oil is better and why, we need to analyze their characteristic features. Let’s begin with the similarities that both sesame oil and argan oil share, and these are:

  • taking care of most hair and skin types
  • having an antioxidative effect
  • providing UV and heat protection
  • delivering hydration, smoothing out and shine boost
  • aiding in healing various skin ailments
  • offering a high mineral, vitamin and fatty acid content

argan oil nanoil hair oil damaged hair

What makes argan oil superior?

Despite many similarities, argan oil seems to be better than sesame oil. Reportedly, the former is more popular, it’s recommended by a larger group of people, and the effects it creates are more dramatic. What are the beauty benefits of argan oil?

  1. Prevents hair loss.
  2. Reinforces and nourishes hair bulbs.
  3. Stimulates self-renewal of stem cells.
  4. Prevents hydration loss (hair and skin).
  5. Makes skin more supple and reduces wrinkles.
  6. Nourishes hair and skin.
  7. Speeds up hair growth.

Nanoil Argan Oil to enhance your hair, skin and nails

Many people recognize Argan Oil by Nanoil as the best beauty oil to effortlessly improve appearance of hair, skin and fingernails. This is a product entirely made of certified argan oil obtained from kernels growing on argan trees. In addition, Nanoil Argan Oil was neither refined nor exposed to high temperature (it was cold-pressed). Thanks to this, the beauty oil offers the full-range of properties and precious nutrients that hair, skin and nails find essential to grow and remain strong and beautiful.

nanoil argan oil kernels natural beauty oil

Extra information on Nanoil Argan Oil

Nanoil Argan Oil can be bought in the official store.

Nanoil Argan Oil is a fairly cheap cosmetic when compared to other beauty product sharing similar properties.

One bottle of Nanoil hides 1.69 oz (50 ml) of pure argan oil. The bottle is made of dark glass that shields the oil against sunlight.

Nanoil Argan Oil should be kept in the original bottle (tightly closed). Best, if the oil is stored in dark, cool and dry place.

Nanoil contains 100% organic argan oil, which is the source of vitamin E, carotene and unsaturated fatty acids.

Nanoil Argan Oil comes with a dropper that significantly eases application of the oil.

How to apply Nanoil Argan Oil?

As mentioned above, Nanoil Argan Oil is suitable to be used on hair, skin and fingernails. Below you can find a few examples of Nanoil Argan Oil uses:

  • When used in hair oil treatment, Argan Oil significantly improves hair appearance and protects against UV rays, high temperature and other kinds of damage.
  • When applied to fingernails, Nanoil Argan Oil is responsible for reinforcing brittle nail plate and moisturizing the skin around nails.
  • When spread on body skin, Argan Oil leaves it less flabby, more moisturized and prevents cellulite and stretch marks; also Argan Oil helps deal with acne, psoriasis and other blemishes.
  • When put on face skin, Nanoil Argan Oil replaces regular cream and additionally counteracts wrinkles, bags under eyes and other unwanted signs of ageing.